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About Us

Andy and Jon founded and drove their ecommerce business, Complete Care Shop from zero to £20m in 7 years. They benefitted nicely from selling it in August 2018 and were retained by the owners. Unfortunately, they couldn't quite adapt to working for a corporate so they left in May 2020 and have since put their efforts into Brit and are still heavily involved in their international mobility aids site, Careserve France. They would love to have you on-board with Brit!

Jon Price

Technology Embracer

Good at joining the dots to make sure systems work in the most efficient and accessible way. A bit more organised than Andy and knows how to work the technology. The forefront of the email campaigning and SEO, he also picked up a Direct Commerce Award for using AI-driven recommendations in a Direct Mail campaign.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Automated Processes
  • Brings Systems Together

Andy Pearson

Customer Focussed

An out-and-out leader, he ensures that everyone in the business feels part of the sales team so they are all driven to the same goal. While a bit of a dinosaur with IT, he knows what will work well and how to present content for the best response. Key skills in sales and negotiation. He’s the one who uses a mobile for actually ringing people.

  • Customer-led
  • Sales-driven
  • Brings People Together

Brit wants to help thousands of businesses

Andy and Jon know what it is like to run a small business: to nurture it, deal with stress and grow it. Before their success in ecommerce, they experienced the many ups and downs in running other enterprises. They have both experienced the ups and the downs of running a business. They really want to use their knowledge of ecommerce to help others now. And yes, they feel they can earn an honest crust while doing so.

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