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Small businesses and self-employed people have been hit particularly hard by Covid-19 and the lockdown. The people behind Brit have recent success in ecommerce and want to help others do well on the web. Brit is here to help British businesses increase their online sales.

Sell More Online

Brit has 9 key areas where we can boost your sales.


Online Advice
Online Mentor

Tap into expert knowledge on a monthly subscription. Book a time now to discuss your needs.

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Brit Supporters

Add the power of your customers to your sales-mix and reward them on a pay-per-sale basis.

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Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing to help you retain and grow sales from your current customers.

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Google Advertising

A combination of business-savvy people and intelligent technology for great Return-on-Investment advertising.

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Multi-channel sales

Your website is one tool in many - we can help you sell on other channels like Amazon, ebay and OnBuy.

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AI & Personalisation

We can help you integrate excellent Artificial Intelligence for personalised search and recommendations.

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Ecommerce websites
Website Technology

We can advise or provide ecommerce solutions from the likes of Shopify to bespoke.

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Content and SEO
Content & SEO

Brit knows some great people who can add, edit and optimise your website content.

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PR and Social Networking
PR and Social

Brit knows the right people to help you spread the word about your business.

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Great British People!
You can help us support British businesses

Join Brit today and you can support businesses now so we'll be helping our economy to recover.

Online Shop owner in warehouse
Dry Cleaners and Laundrettes

Farm Shops and Grocers
Cake Makers

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    Help business owners get back on their feet and feel good in doing this as it will help the British economy so we'll be supporting our NHS, social services, schools and more. And you'll save money too!
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    Gain from our expertise in ecommerce. With our monthly Online Mentor service and other tools and talent, we can help you develop your website and your online marketing to boost sales.
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    Charities & Media
    Brit offers a unique way to fundraise or a fresh take on advertising. Approach businesses in a new way: don't ask for money up-front but deal on a pay-per-sale basis. We can do that now!

About Us

Andy and Jon, along with their wide network, built up their own ecommerce operation from scratch and sold it 8 years later in a multi-million deal. We've learnt what to do and what not to do and we're now available to help others succeed online.

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