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At Brit's core are our Supporters who want to promote businesses like yours. In Brit, they have a Word-of-Mouth machine that rewards them but only when a sale is made. We are also here to make sure that all small businesses can trade online.

Brit will promote your business and you pay an affordable commission per sale.
It's like advertising but you only pay for when it works!

If you don't take online payments yet, click here to see how we can help you.

What's in Brit for you?

Here's how Brit can help support your business through our Supporters:

Lots of supporters

1. Brit is signing up thousands of people who want to support small businesses like yours. They are there to promote you and for any orders they generate, you'll pay them a small commission. And Brit automates all that so it's easy!

Brit sign up form

2. You join Brit, select your commission rate and add some details that will help us to promote your business. You'll need to add some simple code to your ecommerce site if you have one. Our default is a 5% commission but it's up to you.

Supporters start shouting out

3. We let all our Supporters know about you so they can start shouting out to their friends and family about your services. Any one of our Supporters may be reaching out to a few people or to hundreds. You don't pay a thing unless someone buys from you from a Supporter link to you.

Someone buying online

4. Whenever a Supporter link goes to your site and one of their friends or family buys from you, our Brit tracking will pick up the sale and manage the commission payments. Both you and Supporters have a comprehensive reporting system and referencing so you can match referrals to your orders.

On top of our Supporters, Brit can help you with:

Order Fulfilment


Selling Online

Online Services

Targeted Adveritising


How Much Does Brit Cost?

Try Brit for 3 Months -:- No long-term contract -:- No obligation except to pay commissions on sales

Pay per Sale

You set your own commission rate that you're happy to pay for each sale. You'll only pay on the net sales (just the products or services after discounts and excluding any P&P or VAT). We recommend 5% but pay more if margins allow to be even more attractive to Supporters.

Brit Fees

Brit is NO WIN, NO FEE - you only pay when our Supporters generate sales for you. You set your own Supporter commission for any sales and Brit will add 1% +vat on top of that. So if your Commission rate is 5%, your invoice will be for 6% +vat. We'll send you a monthly invoice with 30 day terms and Brit will manage the Supporter payments.

Other Brit Services

You can opt into other Brit services like our 3rd Party Warehousing, email marketing, content provision, search engine optimisation, local online set up and advertising. These are completely optional and either have a monthly rate or quoted on a need-by-need basis.

You could have thousands of people working for you!

Join Brit today and we'll ask all our Supporters to start marketing your business in return for a small commission.

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Happy Brit Supporter
Happy Brit Supporter
Happy Brit Supporter

Happy Brit Supporter
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