Brit can help you create a new fundraising tool. You can now encourage small business sponsorship by means of helping those businesses to help you. How? Read on...

Fundraising through Brit

Brit can help you to adopt Affiliate technology so rather than ask businesses for money up-front, you help to promote them and get a commission for every sale. You'll be promoting them and you'll both benefit from any sales.

Set up your Brit site

1. Brit will help you to adapt to a new way of fundraising through Affilaite income. Brit will also promote this to the small businesses and supporters that have joined Brit. We'll also help you to match your Charity's values. What you will have is a means to track all the sales from the businesses you've promoted to make sure you get any commissions due. It gives you an easier way-in to ecommerce sponsors as it's a win-win situation.

Charity supporters

2. You can invite your own support-base to help promote the businesses you want to work with and they can earn too. We can even track their input so you can share your commission with them for the sales they help you generate. This gives them a financial incentive or they could always opt to donate their earnings to you if they wished. Both options are strong motivators and mean their efforts would be rewarded.

People discussing their marketing strategy

3. All you need to do is add links in your usual communications - Tweets, posts, emails, etc. We can also explore unique links to a page on a dedicated website so you can distribute printed literature too. These will allow us to backtrack a sale right back to the originator. This would work for people selling the Big Issue for example; those workers could hand out a business card so they will benefit from their share in your commissions.

Jar of Money

4. With every sale tracked, any order data is anonymised for privacy and we provide full commission reporting within your own dashboard. Every commission can be cross-referenced by the businesses to their orders. Brit will help you to automate the invoicing and commissions so it won't take up too much time. All you need to do is promote the businesses and let your Affiliate system take care of the rest.

Give Brit a Go!

You can help fundraise AND help small businesses by effectively providing them with free marketing. Brit will help you get small businesses on board for free. Many of them will struggle to pay for advertising at the moment but they will happily pay-per-sale. You can use the Online Mentoring to help get this going or we can point you in the right direction in how to set up an affiliate scheme for yourself.


Using Brit helps your charity to become more self-sufficient and provides a good way for anyone to donate through their shopping.

Your Brand

What is important is that you maintain your brand and your values so we're happy to work in the background. But if you want to shout about Brit, feel free!

Mutual Benefits

Everyone involved will benefit. You'll have crucial monies coming in, your supporters will earn and the businesses will grow!

Contact Brit

Please get in touch and we'll get back to you soon to discuss how we can work together.