Let's Help Small Businesses!

Small companies and self-employed people have been hit particularly hard by the lock-down. Now we can support them! Brit is here to help Small Businesses sell more online...

Do You Care About Small British Businesses?
Join Brit and we'll help you to tell your friends, family and more about Small Businesses. If anyone you tell buys from them, the business will pay you for your help. You care. They share. You can become a Brit Supporter now while we are signing up loads of businesses and we'll keep you posted! No cost. Just an opportunity to earn while supporting others.

Are You Self-Employed or Run a Small Business?
Brit is here to help people like you embrace ecommerce and sell more online. Joining Brit is Free Forever. You only pay a commission when one of our many Supporters puts a sale your way (no win, no fee) or if you want to buy into one our services. No obligation, no contract, no fuss. Just a whole load of people who could be selling your products!

Stressed business person

Small Business Owners

Not knowing if your business will survive is incredibly stressful but people like you are vital to the British economy. Without people like you, there would be no jobs, no NHS, no social services. You are bedrock to our economy so Brit is here to help you!
How Brit works for Businesses ››

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Great British Public

You can help to support our small shops and businesses and earn a commission for every sale that comes from your emails, texts, Tweets, Facebooking and even talking to one another. Help to get small, British businesses back on their feet after Coronavirus.
How Brit works for Supporters ››

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    Help small business owners get back on their feet and feel good in doing this as it will help the British economy so we'll be supporting our NHS, social services, schools and more. Oh - and you can earn money too!
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    Small Businesses
    Gain thousands of salespeople for nothing. You only pay a small commission when you sell something from their leads. No win. No fee. Brit will drive sales to your business along with some powerful ecommerce tools.
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    Charities & Media
    Brit offers a unique way to fundraise or a fresh new take on advertising. If you have a reach to lots of people, then Brit will be of benefit to you as well as the people you look after along with the national economy.


See below for a Supporter and a Small Business example of how Brit works:

Robin Longden from Rollagranola

Small Business: Rollagranola

Robin Longden started Rollagranola to bring you high quality, completely natural and nutritional food. It is a lovely, small British company that makes luxury vegan and gluten-free granola. With no added sugar! They create and bake on their own premises in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Rollagranola pay a 5% Commission for sales that Brit Supporters like Angela generate. Visit Rollagranola!

Angela - Brit Supporter

Supporter: Angela

Angela joined Brit and then found out how to link to Small Businesses. She sent a friend her link to Rollagranola and her friend bought some lovely granola three days later. As the sale came originally from Angela's link, she will receive 5% of the sale. Her friend spent £22.46 so Angela earnt £1.12. Not bad for just telling someone about another website. Angela is now telling other friends!

You can help hundreds of small businesses

Join Brit today and you can promote people running businesses like these below.

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Dry Cleaners and Laundrettes

Farm Shops and Grocers
Cake Makers

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Want to help small businesses and the British economy? And make some money too?

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If you can reach out to loads of people, then Brit could work really well with and for you!

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