Brit can work with you to provide you with an income stream that will be a much easier sell for your advertising sales team.

The essence is that through Brit, you can now sell any advertising on a cost-per-sale basis which makes you much more competitive against Google advertising.

Print & TV Advertising

Here's a step-by-step example of how Brit can bring in extra revenue for you with no additional outlay.

Owners of businesses

1. Work with Brit by selecting from our range of businesses or introduce your own clients to work with. We'll integrate Brit tracking into their ecommerce or they can set up vouchers or use our quotation system. Alternatively, we can create landing pages with specific calls to action so we can measure all sales.

Agree Commission Rate

2. Either use the Brit commissions already in place or you can agree higher commission rates for more intensive campaigns for each business. You could run ads like a Classifieds page or set up more targeted advertising by bringing a category together. Brit will help you square the circle so this fits in with you and your resources.

Track all online sales

3. You can then set up landing pages of your own site or use for your mini-website. Alternatively, we can create short URLs with our tracking technology that go directly to the customers' website. In essence, each advert will have a call to action that ensures the customer is tracked so we log all sales. Brit will work with you too so we can trial some ideas with any unpaid space within your publication.

Track all online sales

4. With every sale tracked, customer data will be anonymised but we will provide full reporting per advertiser so you can match your commissions to your allocated campaign costs. By this, we can split-test various methods of advertising (even within one publication) to see what works best for you. As such, you will soon hone the right methodology to maximise income.

Give Brit a Go!

For many publications, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Brit can either charge for its services or we can talk about a commission-share partnership deal so you'll have no initial outlay and we'll both share the risks and the rewards. Send us some details using the form below... we'd love to explore working with you.

Easier to Sell

Your sales team will find their new sales pitch a breeze. You'll be selling no-win, no-fee advertising which businesses will love. Especially now!

Your Brand

What is important is that you maintain your brand and your identity so we're happy to work in the background. But if you want to shout about Brit, feel free!


It's not really that new an idea: Travel and Dating ads have been commission-led for decades! However, we're widening the scope to all businesses!

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