No Ecommerce? No Problem!

You can still benefit from our Word-of-Mouth machine. And Brit can help you embrace online selling.

What can Brit do for You?

To work with our Supporters, who are spreading the word about British Businesses, we need to be able to track any sales online. Here are some of the ways we can do this for you:

People buying online

1. People are increasingly searching and buying on the internet and taking money upfront is always great for businesses. We can help you by providing you with a specialist ecommerce site or guide you to the best ecommerce provider so you can take payments online.

Online Services
Brit Vouchers

2. Have a look at Brit Gift Vouchers. You can create your own vouchers there now and our Supporters will receive a percentage of the commission you pay on that system when they promote vouchers. Click here to create your own gift vouchers.

Brit Vouchers
Online quote system

3. Painters, plumbers and other trades - as well as accountants and solicitors: You can still benefit from Brit! Our online quoting tool allows a potential customer to send you a request for a job. Then you can communicate with each other until you agree the specifics of the job and make a quote. You agree to do the work and the customer agrees the price so both sides are protected. Meanwhile, Brit logs the sale so we can allocate it to a Supporter should any commissions be due.

Someone buying online

4. If you just need a hand developing a website that you already have, or you are struggling with doing it all yourself, then we can help there too. We know designers, photographers, videographers, and content writers who can help you out. We have experience in all these fields and know that keeping costs low is important so we'll advise on value for money and what to expect for your money too. Join Brit now and we'll help you get to where you need to take payments online!

On top of our Supporters, Brit can help you with:

Order Fulfilment


Selling Online

Online Services

Targeted Adveritising


How Much Does Brit Cost?

Try Brit for 3 Months -:- No long-term contract -:- No obligation except to pay commissions on sales

Pay per Sale

You set your own commission rate that you're happy to pay for each sale. You'll only pay on the net sales (just the products or services after discounts and excluding any P&P or VAT). We recommend 5% but pay more if margins allow to be even more attractive to Supporters.

Brit Fees

Brit is NO WIN, NO FEE - you only pay when our Supporters generate sales for you. You set your own Supporter commission for any sales and Brit will add 1% +vat on top of that. So if your Commission rate is 5%, your invoice will be for 6% +vat. We'll send you a monthly invoice with 30 day terms and Brit will manage the Supporter payments.

Other Brit Services

You can opt into other Brit services like our 3rd Party Warehousing, email marketing, content provision, search engine optimisation, local online set up and advertising. These are completely optional and either have a monthly rate or quoted on a need-by-need basis.

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