Join Brit today and get loads of people to support you. For Free. If you have more than a thousand customers, Brit is happy to explore doing your EMAIL MARKETING on a commission-only basis. Sound interesting? Get in touch.

What else can Brit do for you online?

Brit has a wealth of knowledge & experience and great contacts when it comes to online sales and marketing. We can help assess what you need then put you in touch with the right people for the right price on these types of service:

Building a website

1. Ecommerce Website
If you need a simple ecommerce site, there are several quick ways to get your products online and selling. You may have heard of Shopify which is a great system but be aware they take a cut of every sale. Similar to Shopify, we like the British ecommerce platform, EKM (click here for a free trial of EKM) and there's also Big Commerce if those don't quite match your needs. For more complex needs, we know people who can build you a bespoke solution too. You can sell anything online!

Maintaining your website

2. Website Management
If you already have, or once you have a website, Brit knows the right people to make it work hard for you! From performance audits that will give you a report on where sales are coming from to search engine optimisation, reviews & reputation management, and adding content, we'll match your monthly website tasks to someone who can do the work for the right price. If you're not web-savvy or short on time, then hiring someone for a few hours a month to do this work will pay dividends!

Social media

3. Online Marketing
On top of 1000's of Brit Supporters promoting you, email marketing is great for bringing in repeat business and there are other ways to regularly promote your business online. Social marketing may be a good area to explore. If you're a business that is dependent on your local area, there are some great ways to promote you locally online! Brit can come up with a package of recommendations depending on your wants and needs so you know that when you pay you get something in return.

More website traffic

4. Pay-per-click advertising
To really push the boat out, we have worked with some of the most cost-effective advertising people who can take your products and advertise them online taking into account your preferences, your stock, your margins and sales history. You can really get clever with online advertising but it's easy to waste a lot of money here. Brit won't recommend agencies that just do a lot of good talking. We know who can provide you with real results month in, month out!

Examples of Work and Pricing

Ecommerce Website

from £32.49 + vat p.m.*
Full Ecommerce Website
Your Own Domain Name
Secure Hosting
Your Own 0333 Number
You manage all products, content & marketing

Website Management

around £35 + vat p.h.*
Adding & editing Products
Performance Audits
Search Engine Optimisation
Reviews & Reputation Management
Adding Content

Online Marketing

around £40 + vat p.h.*
Email Newsletter System
Weekly Emails to Your Subscribed Customer Base
Social Network Updates on Facebook and Twitter
Local Listing Management for local businesses

PPC Advertising

FREE Trial
Targeted, Automated Advertising
Bid Optimisation
Data Enrichment
Comparison Shopping Service
Integration with Analytics

* Please Note:
Brit doesn't provide the services itself but will help you find the right people to work with. Brit will often earn a small commission from referrals. Ecommerce Website: There are various packages available based on number of products and annual online sales. Website Management: depending on your needs, a smaller but ambitious ecommerce business would need about 4 hours a week. The hourly rate includes the use of specialist software. Online Marketing: Again, depending on needs, allow for 4 hour stints. Email newsletter systems have growing costs as subscription rates grow; the cost shown allows for an initial base of 2000 subscribers. If you have more than 1000 customers, you can explore Brit doing your online marketing on a commission-only basis if that's of interest. Get in touch.

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