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Luxury Granola

Wonderful Vegan, Gluten-Free, No-Added Sugar, Oat Granola with cereal-free Keto or Paleo too!

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RPM Music
Recovery Vinyl

Buy a gift voucher to enjoy as soon as this 30 year-old record shop in Newcastle re-opens!

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Lancaster Brewery
Be a Brewer Treat

Stay at award-winning Sun Hotel in Lancaster with supper, beer & wine then ‘Be A Brewer for the Day’.

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Stanley Villa Glamping
Glamping Break

Enjoy and relax with a Glamping Break in an idyllic and secluded lakeside location.

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Rod Ireland Photography
Photography Courses

Develop your confidence and understanding to progress your photography.

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Arteria, Lancaster

The ultimate in interior and lifestyle gifts along with truly unique crafted pieces.

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Focus on Rookin House

Whether you are buying a gift voucher for yourself, a friend, a partner or family there are outdoor activities for everyone at Rookin House.
Activity Vouchers

  • Air Rifles
    Air Rifles
    Our modern rifles are accurate, powerful light and almost silent. Our range is purpose built where you can sit and take aim in comfort and undercover with an array of targets to test your aim and concentration which include traditional bulls eye, spinner & drop down targets to name a few.
  • Quad Trek
    Quad Trek
    We have three different grades of trek available depending on age: Adult Escorted Quad Bike Treks on 360cc Kawasaki machines, minimum age 16 years; Midi Quads on 80cc machines, 12 - 15 years; and Mini Quads on 50cc machines for 6-11 years. The ultimate Lakeland hill farm Quad Trek.
  • Archery
    Instruction by qualified GNAS instructors will enable you to get the most from this ancient art of toxophily. Competitive, yet relaxing archery can be enjoyed regardless of the Lakeland weather as we have indoor and outdoor facilities. We can easily accommodate a group of 10 people.

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