See below for an example of someone joining Brit and helping out a small business. Supporting our small businesses means more for the NHS, more for social services and more to provide decent care for our old and disabled citizens. It's just better for Britain!

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How Does Brit Work?

Liz joined Brit and let her friends and family know about a Bakery she liked in this example:

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1. Liz joined Brit after seeing that she could help small British businesses and in turn help the economy to recover from the Covid-19 lock-down.

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2. There are plenty of businesses who have signed up to Brit and Liz can promote any of them she wants. Liz particularly likes an online artisan bakery.

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3. Liz tells her friends about the artisan bakery she's found and sends them a link direct to the bakery that has her unique Brit code embedded. Liz can also build her own Brit page with the businesses she wants to promote so she can just tell people about her own website.

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4. One of Liz's friends clicks her link and spends £20 at the bakery. The bakery wins an order and Liz will earn 5% (£1). Liz doesn't know who bought but the bakery can match her Brit reference to their orders. Now Liz is telling others about more interesting businesses!

Why Join Brit?

It is FREE to join as a Supporter and you can make a huge difference to the lives of many people running their own businesses.

You Can Earn

Earn commissions for any sales generated from the links on your Brit page. You'll also save money with unique offers. All you need to do is spread the word by telling people about your Brit page. Brit will guide you every step of the way.

Help Small Businesses

Be part of a the community that is helping small business owners get back on their feet after the Covid-19 lockdown. Many of these businesses are struggling and haven't got the cash to spend on marketing themselves. So you can really help.

Help Great Britain

Feel good that you are not just supporting small business owners and their employees. This is what’s best for the British economy. The more the money stays in the economy, the more we’ll have for the NHS, for social services, for schools and more!


Join Brit so you can help small British businesses while earning something for yourself.
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You can help hundreds of small businesses

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